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Triund Trekking & Camping: A Journey to Nature’s Paradise

Nestled in the enchanting Dhauladhar mountain range of the Himalayas, McLeod Ganj is a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Among the myriad of experiences this picturesque hill town offers, the Triund Trek stands out as a popular and exhilarating journey.

A Day of Adventure and Friendship: Day trek to Triund from Live Free Hostel

Traveling alone often leads to unexpected adventures and the opportunity to forge connections with fellow wanderers. My stay at the Live Free Hostel in McLeodganj not only provided a comfortable base but also introduced me to a group of like-minded travelers who were eager to embark on the one-day Triund trek.

A perfect stay by the Assi Ghat – Live Free Banaras

The sacred city of Banaras, known as Varanasi, is a place that beckons pilgrims and travelers from across the globe. It’s a city of spiritual awakening, where the mystical Ganges River and the ancient ghats weave tales of devotion and transcendence.