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Backpacking in Rishikesh – Here are all the things you need to know before your trip

Traveling has become hard for many and the only factors which stop us from taking this path of life are money and time. Money, we understand and we don’t mind taking care of it. But time is the factor which you have to take out for yourselves.

At Live Free Hostel, situated in the midst of the Ganges and lush green mountains of Rishikesh, you get to pay less and relax more. It is that cheap stay in Rishikesh that you require the most in life at this point.

How does your morning start?

You get up early, have breakfast and the saga continues in running the marathon of life. Right from driving to the office to completing the deadline of projects, our life surrounds between the four walls. Usually painted grey and white. If we think practically, our ultimate goal has become to earn money and reach success.

In this whole race, we forget to discover ourselves

One morning make a change. Drive away from the city and stop in the middle of the highway. Look deep into nature. You’ll understand this life is pretty amazing than the one which we are living in.

We mentioned earlier, that money is the factor which stops many to take a break from their daily routine. And we also said that we’ll take care of it. Well, you read it right. Live Free Hostel is known for a cheap stay in Rishikesh. Here you will find a large variety of options like AC and Non- AC dormitories to private rooms friendly for couples to choose from. You’ll be thrilled to know that they all range from 249 INR to 1800 INR.

Pay Less and Relax More

Now you know that we together share some mutual feelings about going cheap thrills. But we don’t compromise when it comes to providing a quality stay for our guests. All our rooms are well-sanitized and cleaned to host you. You want to know about our services and you will lose count.

Apart from all these we also provide a space for you to do yoga, common spaces to know the other guests, and activities like trekking, yoga classes, and pool parties to promote our whole idea of socializing. Sometimes we go a little crazy and can make you enter the kitchen for pancake making competition. So, be ready for that.

View and Location

View and location are something which matters the most. You will be glad to know that we are located near Lakshman Jhula making easy for you to access the city. And for the view, don’t believe what you read but believe in what you see.

View and Location

Till now we have hosted 12K+ guests and they have showered us with love by giving their feedback. One of our guests described her stay beautifully in our blog post “That Awesome Day at Live Free Hostel”. We are also the highest-rated hostel in Rishikesh. You can see the bright side of your life once you enter Live Free Hostel. It is the best hostel to have a cheap stay in Rishikesh at your ease. There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met before.

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