Ganga Aarti


Aarti is a Hindu religious ritual of worship, a part of puja. This ceremony includes fire, songs sung in praise of the worshiped, flowers, incense, music, etc. The purpose of aarti is to show humility and gratitude to God’s divine form.

Ganga aarti is a devotional offering to the River Goddess. Lit lamps and flowers are floated down the river. This offering is made to the Goddess Ganga, also affectionately referred to as Maa, the Mother Goddess of the most holy river in India.


How is the Ganga Aarti performed?

The Ganga aarti takes place on the river ghats facing the river. Brass lamps are lit and circled clockwise by the saffron clad pandits (Hindu priests), accompanied by chanting or songs in praise of Mother Ganga. The belief is that during the aarti, the lamps acquire the power of the deity. Therefore, after the ritual is complete, devotees place their hands over the flame and raise their palms to their forehead in order to get the Goddess’s blessing.

The salvation giving river is offered floating diyas and flowers. After the aarti, devotees float their offerings with chants of Har Har Gange!

Where is the Ganga Aarti Performed?

The Ganga Aarti is performed on the banks of River Ganga. The spiritual ceremony happens every evening in different cities of India, after the sun sets, be it rain, hail, or shine! The most popular aarti ceremonies are held in cities of VaranasiHaridwar and Rishikesh. However, the ceremony is very different in each of these places.

In Rishikesh the main spots to attend the Ganga Aarti are Parmarth Niketan and Triveni ghat.

  • We leave hostel at 4 or 5:00 P.M. to hire an tuk-tuk to reach Ghat
  • We will experience the magical Ganga Aarti at the Ghat - the true essence of spirituality in Rishikesh
  • After Aarti, we will go for a walk in the market and reach Rajasthani Bhandar (an authentic Indian restaurant)  to enjoy delicious food.
  • We will hire tuk-tuk back to hostel after the dinner.
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  • Dinner


Any other personal expense

  • The trip is subject to weather conditions.

  • We require a deposit before booking the trip.

  • A minimum of 3 people, if not then deposit will be refunded.

  • We recommend you carry your own water bottles.